Lauzon was born in an era of heightened environmental awareness. At its founding, Lauzon was committed to building a hardwood enterprise ready for the challenges of a sustainable future. That meant incorporating responsible and sustainable stewardship practices, from sourcing through recycling and reusing. Green is not just a color at Lauzon, it is part of our value system.

From Forest to Floor

Through our fully integrated operation, we have built a business that is at the forefront of sustainable forest management and stewardship. Full integration begins with the forest lots that we manage and continues in our sawmill, and in our hardwood finishing plants.


Responsible Sourcing

When you choose a Lauzon floor you can take comfort in knowing that our policies are designed to protect the forest for generations to come. Whether Canadian or imported, we only choose wood sourced from sustainably managed forests.

As a testimony to the environment and the well-being of our forest, we have developed a zero-waste program by recycling all wood residues to produce wood pellets, the cleanest form of energy. Our commitment also extends to the finishes we apply on our floors which are eco-friendly and exempt of formaldehyde, VOCs, and solvents.

Choosing an Expert floor, it is choosing to help preserve our natural resources for future generations. As all our floors come from sustainably managed forest, are legally sourced and comply with the US Lacey Act.

Les planchers Expert ont une garantie résidentielle à vie limitée sur tout défaut structurel et une garantie résidentielle limitée de 35 ans sur l’usure complète du fini.

All Expert hardwood floors come with a lifetime residential limited warranty on structural default and a 35-year limited residential warranty on the complete wear of the finish.