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Expert Floors by Lauzon are renowned for the finesse of their 4-edge micro-v and their high precision milling which provides a tight and perfect fit when installed. These high-performance Prograde floors are cut, milled, and finished by expert craftsmen with an extreme attention to detail. The final assembly is always perfect in look, uniformity of material, fit, strength and stability.


Expert by Lauzon are available in two constructions: standard solid wood or our innovative solid 2-ply engineered wood. All floors are 3/4’’ thick to allow for a smooth transition with other flooring surfaces (no elevation gaps) and have a thick wear layer of 5.2mm (3/16”) to provide a sanding/refinishing capacity of 3 to 5 times.

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ALUMINA© Finish with PermaClean© Antimicrobial

Expert Floors by Lauzon are finished with our long-lasting ALUMINA protective coating with PermaClean antimicrobial protection. Our coating does not contain added VOCs, formaldehyde, or solvents and comes with a 35-year limited warranty against wear.




Antimicrobial protection works to minimize damaging microbial growth on the surface of the floor, ensuring it remains cleaner between cleanings.


Our innovative EXPERT solid 2-ply engineered construction is somewhat of a revolution in the hardwood floor industry. By separating the two main sections of a floorboard – the top wear layer (1st ply) and the structural under layer (2nd ply) – and using two solid woods to optimize the performance of each layer, we were able to create what is now called the NEW SOLID hardwood floor.

  • The 1st ply (section set above the tongue and groove) is made of a super thick hardwood layer of 5.2mm (7/16”). This section provides the same wear and refinishing capacity of standard solid, while giving the required rigidity to the plank to prevent sub elements of the floors or sub-floors to show through the surface (known as a telegraphing effect).
  • The 2nd ply is made of independent solid wood pieces. This provides just the right flexibility for the plank to closely match the slight imperfections in the subfloor resulting in faster floor installation and limited squeaking.

This innovative floor expands the potential of standard solid floors without compromising any key attributes:

Common Features and Benefits

  • All solid wood.
  • 3/4” thick.
  • 3-5 times sanding/refinishing capacity.

Added Benefits of Solid 2-Ply Construction 

  • Unsurpassed stability under a wide range of relative humidity.
  • Efficient installation over slightly uneven surfaces.
  • Extended application possibilities, such as floating, or glued  over a concrete slab (high-rise, lower
    grade/basement…), or a radiant heat system.

Increased Tolerance to Ambient Humidity 

Wood is a naturally hygroscopic material which varies dimensionally depending on changes in humidity. It will slightly
compress laterally to the alignment of the wood grain when the air is dry and expand when it is more humid.

Expert Solid standard hardwood floors are kiln-dried making them dimensionally stable under a normal humidity level of 35% to 55%.

  •     Under 35%, a floor might dry-up and gaps could appear between the planks.
  •     Over 55%, planks may expand against one another and create a cupping (lift of the sides) effect.  

 The impact will vary depending on how long the humidity level lasts and the method of installation. 

Our unique solid 2-ply construction is engineered to increase stability under an even wider range of relative humidity. The superior stability is achieved by crossing the wood grain direction of the two kiln-dried solid wood layers so that each layer neutralizes the potential lateral expansion or contraction of the other layer. (See illustration)

Standard Solid Wood

Solid 2-Ply Engineered Wood

This innovation allows Expert solid 2-ply construction floors to be stable under a relative humidity of 30% to 80%, which makes them the perfect floors for high humidity or very dry conditions or where humidity levels vary a lot or are hard to control, such as during the built or remodeling phase.

Relative Humidity

For more information consult our technical sheets

Les planchers Expert ont une garantie résidentielle à vie limitée sur tout défaut structurel et une garantie résidentielle limitée de 35 ans sur l’usure complète du fini.

All Expert hardwood floors come with a lifetime residential limited warranty on structural default and a 35-year limited residential warranty on the complete wear of the finish.